Mermaid Musings

Welcome to my blog. A space where I simply want to be able to create and share.


This blog has been a long time coming. I’ve always loved to write in an unfiltered, stream of consciousness type way.

I love to think deeply about life and the universe.

I love to muse about various topics including but not limited to creativity, spirituality, sexuality, psychology, wellness, travel, the mysteries of the universe and beyond.

I love making lists, singing, poetry, and of course, the ocean.

I’m a mermaid not only because the ocean is my sole inspiration and my SOUL inspiration, but because I am soaking up the magic that is being a mermaid; wild, feminine, beautiful, sensual, and unafraid to go after what she wants even if she has to take down a couple men to get there.

Just kidding about the man part. Kinda.

Anyways, you may see a little and a lot of everything I just mentioned. If anything, this is simply a place where I want to share my musings about this crazy and amazing adventure we get to have called LIFE.

I hope you’ll swim with me.


Mermaid Leya

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