a love poem to my body

my body is not just a shell i live in.

it is not simply a house to shelter

my soul.

it is a beautiful rose garden,

each limb growing and extending.

my feet ground me and carry my weight

supporting me through my journey.

my legs move slow and swift

allowing me to stand strong in my power.

my womanhood gives me pleasure

connecting me with love and intimacy,

allowing exploration of other bodies.

my hips hold space for new life.

my belly is soft and shakes when I laugh

protecting the amazing set of organs

working together inside me.

my body is incredibly smart.

it has the power to heal me from within

despite what my brain might think.

my brain does not control my body.

my body is already born with deep wisdom.

it holds deep and ancient



So, no. I will not write my body off as simply

the shell to hold my existence

because it is so much more.

it is the universe and god

it is creation and healing

it is pure love

please treat it as such.


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