what I’m thinking about – solo trip to Bali

I wake up without an alarm and spend my morning writing in my journal, sometimes doing yoga, sometimes doing a Joe Dispenza meditation, sometimes doing a pleasure practice and deciding what I want to do that day. I've gone surfing a few times now and actually can get up on the board now, so I … Continue reading what I’m thinking about – solo trip to Bali

you are not alone but it’s also okay to be alone – healing my inner wounded teenager

Hi my loves. I just got back from a 3 day trip to Ubud which was jam packed with all the touristy stuff and having to deal with more feelingsss come up. The Balanced Blonde posted a quote the other day about Bali - about how Mama Bali bubbles things to the surface that you've … Continue reading you are not alone but it’s also okay to be alone – healing my inner wounded teenager

Facing my Shadow in Bali

I’m currently at the beach sitting on a bean bag and staring at the beautiful ocean watching surfers ride the waves, and while people next to me are sipping beers and coconuts, I felt the call to write, so here we go... I arrived in Bali 3 days ago. I had a long travel journey. … Continue reading Facing my Shadow in Bali

Yoga Teacher Training pt. 4

I'm currently in my villa in Bali writing to you from my queen sized bed in white sheets. To my right are full glass windows where I can see birds of paradise trees, fallen plumerias (the kind of flowers they have all over Hawaii) and my own private pool. This is a vision I have … Continue reading Yoga Teacher Training pt. 4

i am the sun & moon – a poem

the sagittarius in me wants to travel and explore, leave without notice and explore both the inner and outer world of sandalwood incense and cypress trees and markets in morocco and oceans in australia. she wants to experience and think deeply. she wants to know herself from exploring outside herself. she wants to go deep. … Continue reading i am the sun & moon – a poem

Yoga Teacher Training pt. 3

Good morning loves and happy Diwali! Today is a special Indian holiday, called the "festival of lights" and people have decorated their houses with colorful string lights all over and keep shooting off loud fireworks throughout all hours of the day and night that sound like gun shots to me (the joys of being an … Continue reading Yoga Teacher Training pt. 3

a note on self-love

I've been thinking a lot about how so many people hate themselves and their bodies. This is a problem prevalent in our world and manifests itself in anxiety and depression. We see so many people who externally have a great life. They have a roof over their heads, are fed, and well taken care of. … Continue reading a note on self-love