planet earth – a poem

blue water-like veins run throughout the grid of the cosmos connecting paths connecting paths connecting paths - web weaving out of blue blood life force. my womb aches as I shed layers of my old self every single month my body renews rejuvenates creates we are constantly creating. we made this planet our home she … Continue reading planet earth – a poem

springtime flowers – a poem

winter turns into spring slowly and then all one at once so sudden you wonder when all those flowers had time to grow under the frozen ground? but here they are in full bloom in a matter of minutes or at least that's what it seems like from the outside. what you didn't see is … Continue reading springtime flowers – a poem

I have loved, but I have not lost – a poem

I have loved, but I have not lost. for you can't lose something that was never meant to be yours. sometimes love exists in the lessons. I have loved, but I have not lost. I have gained more than I could ask for. experiences; heart open, warm bath, silky touching, i have seen you and … Continue reading I have loved, but I have not lost – a poem

awakened nostalgia – a poem

the worst feeling is waking up and immediately missing someone you just spent the previous day forgetting distracting layering brick upon brick building on top of your sensitive heart losing yourself in the others. and then you begin to dream and the bricks slowly crumble as you relax into open, pure, return to self. so … Continue reading awakened nostalgia – a poem