Bedlam and Bakeries in Boston – a city guide

I went up to Boston this past weekend and had such a lovely time full of six hours of THEATER, the best bakery in the world, boozy BOBA, and best friends! Here's a GUIDE of what I did/ate/saw. THEATER The main reason I went up to Boston is to see Bedlam's touring production of both … Continue reading Bedlam and Bakeries in Boston – a city guide

a list of signs seen at the #MarchforourLives

Our blood on your hands Arms are for hugging We don't want your guns...we want our lives! Trigger change We need freedom Fear has no place in schools I dream woman will one day have the same rights as guns Arm our teachers with resources not revolvers The time is now There should be a … Continue reading a list of signs seen at the #MarchforourLives

March for Our Lives – Boston, MA

I went to Boston this weekend and ran into the March for Our lives in the Boston Common. I was so touched as I wandered through thousands of people, old and young, big and small, white and black, and everything in between holding signs demanding change in the form of gun control. A true gathering … Continue reading March for Our Lives – Boston, MA

Thoughts on Solo Travel

  I want to talk to more people about travel. particularly solo travel. I find that whenever I am somewhere new a new city a new country I spend the first few hours in an adrenaline filled high I soak in the new sights I hear new languages I see new people I smell new … Continue reading Thoughts on Solo Travel

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Whether or not you have a trip to Edinburgh planned soon, here is a little guide I put together of things I did in my 72 hour trip! It's a city full of beautiful views, the seaside, literary history, and free museums! Check it out! TRANSPORTATION FLIGHTS I flew to and from Edinburgh on Norwegian … Continue reading City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland – Food Guide

Merm Ley's Edinburgh Food Guide Food is definitely the best part of traveling to a different city. I love researching and finding little healthy restaurants and trying out the local food. Here's everything I ate from classic Scottish food like Haggis to turmeric lattes to afternoon tea with the most mouthwatering scones and cream/jam! Hula … Continue reading Edinburgh, Scotland – Food Guide

Lessons Learned from Scotland

Hello beautiful merms! I got back from Scotland the day before yesterday. It was the most amazing, magical trip full of afternoon tea, scones with clotted cream, gorgeous city and seaside views, and Harry Potter magic (since JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter while living in Edinburgh). I flew out Friday night at around 9:30 pm … Continue reading Lessons Learned from Scotland