July Recap & August Intentions

Hi my loves, I'm feeling called to do a little heart spill july recap/ august intention setting post as I process all the shifts and beautiful miracles that occurred this past month. This month fleww byyyy and it was the first month since quarantine started that I really felt called to set intentions. I feel … Continue reading July Recap & August Intentions

The Berkshires – A Weekend Getaway Travel Diary

I've been wanting to do a little travel diary/blog for a long time but haven't gotten the chance to because of, well...quarantine, but with some of the state guidelines moving into different phases I was able to go to the Berkshires for a lovely weekend getaway and wanted to share what I did/saw/ate, etc. First … Continue reading The Berkshires – A Weekend Getaway Travel Diary

July Intentions – reading/donating/studying/creating

Happy July! I haven't felt called to do a monthly check in and post in a very long time. Quarantine got me in a strange state of feeling generally lost, purposeless, and questioning what I "should" be doing (and generally feeling like the world was stuck in time in Mid-March). After a beautiful couple weeks … Continue reading July Intentions – reading/donating/studying/creating

My Journey with Plant Medicine – Ayahuasca

Hi my loves, I write to you today to tell you about a very special experience I recently had - my journey with ayahuasca! If you're like wtf is that, then let me explain. Ayahuasca in spiritual terms is an ancient medicine from the Amazon that people have been taking for thousands of years to … Continue reading My Journey with Plant Medicine – Ayahuasca

quarantine musings – a rollercoaster (honestly)

i've been wanting to write, wanting to create, wanting to create something good and meaningful. i've been craving posting on instagram or the blog because sharing and connecting gives me purpose, but I've been blocked. my friend and i were just on the phone and I said "i'm very much on the down part of … Continue reading quarantine musings – a rollercoaster (honestly)

coconut carcass – a poem

coconut carcass Coconut carcasses lay in the black sand while the heavens paint a picture of violet soft serve ice cream. Australians catch their last waves of the day, foaming at the lip of infinity. Stars start to twinkle from the other side of the island, the city lights up And here on the beach, … Continue reading coconut carcass – a poem

safe in the known – koh lipe, thailand

safe in the known I want to be able to transport people with my words and take them to far off places they’ve never been. I want them to experience fire shows on the shores of an island somewhere in Thailand and be able to picture the blue water with ease and the way it … Continue reading safe in the known – koh lipe, thailand

meditations on the qualities – poems

A series of poems inspired by J. Ruth Gendler's The Book of Qualities: Love Love drinks rose tea and likes to keep rose quartz crystals on her windowsill. She always has fresh cut flowers in vases and pays a lot of attention to the details. She makes her bed most days except when she’s been … Continue reading meditations on the qualities – poems

Quarantine Content – a list of all that I’m reading/watching/listening/eating

Hi loves, If we weren't in the constant content era before, we're certainly in it now. With the quarantine and pandemic going on and people being unable to leave their houses, content is the only thing connecting us these days and there is SO MUCH OF IT. It's easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer … Continue reading Quarantine Content – a list of all that I’m reading/watching/listening/eating

The Unexpected Gifts of Quarantine – a life update & what I think this time is about

Hi loves, I'm feeling the call to write. I woke up today late - I've been waking up around 8 am to do my morning pages, morning meditation, pulling my spirit cards, and yoga. But today, I woke up at 9:40 am, so I dragged myself out of bed, made some fresh celery juice and … Continue reading The Unexpected Gifts of Quarantine – a life update & what I think this time is about