Facing my Shadow in Bali

I’m currently at the beach sitting on a bean bag and staring at the beautiful ocean watching surfers ride the waves, and while people next to me are sipping beers and coconuts, I felt the call to write, so here we go... I arrived in Bali 3 days ago. I had a long travel journey. … Continue reading Facing my Shadow in Bali

2018 – The Year of Healing My Artist

Happy new year, my loves! I felt called to do a 2018 reflection post because I feel like I went through massive changes during this year and I'm excited to reap the rewards for 2019. I know I've already listed reflections and manifestations for 2019 in My Year of 23 and What’s in Store for … Continue reading 2018 – The Year of Healing My Artist

Yoga Poses to open your Chakras

The Crown Chakra is associated with all things spirituality. It is your connection to the universe and and is your pathway into other states of beings and galaxies. It is your ability to feel guided by higher powers. To feel more connected to your crown chakra, stand tall in Mountain Pose with hands in prayer … Continue reading Yoga Poses to open your Chakras